Cockpit controls description
Flight Yoke (generation I)
Flight Yoke (generation II)
Flight Stick
Gear Lever
Parking brake
Speed brake
Flaps Lever
Throttle and mixture (Cessna style)
Throttle Quadrant
Separate Throttle and Trim unit
Rudder Pedals
Rudder Pedals IV
Trim wheels
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These pages describe each of the control components that you find in small GA aircraft. They are definitely not to scale, but functionality is similar to the real thing.

For the main control, I have build both a flight yoke and a flight stick. The flight yoke fits in the cockpit drawer type console.
When I later on decided to build a simpit, I opted to use a flight stick. The flight stick is mounted on the cockpit floor, between your legs.
To both flight yoke and flight stick,  force feedback has been added.

The other controls can be used in both setups. Due to their modular construction, it is not too hard to swap them from one setup to the other.