Throttle Quadrant
Throttle Quadrant with Electric Trim
The Modular Simpit uses a flight yoke, and this means that the throttle has to be at the right side.

For this new generation, I have chosen to add the mixture, propellor and speed brake levers together with the throttle. The throttle also includes a pull mechanism for reversing the engine thrust.
Of course I did a lot of research before the build. I got some great ideas from this article from Ferry Herfst. (great work Ferry, thanks!)

Throttle, mixture and prop are all single levers, since I seldom fly dual engine planes.

The complete unit can be screwed to the side of the Modular Simpit. There is also space for a tracker ball mouse.

I have drawn the complete unit in Google Sketchup. The Sketchup file for the throttle quadrant can be downloaded here. The file is build-up from several groups, so you can take the unit apart and check the dimensions of the various components.  

The throttle, mixture, prop pitch and spoilers are interfaced via gear wheels to potmeters. 
The trim wheel is interfaced via gear wheel to rotary encoder.

The throttle idle position is limited by a wooden block. By pulling the throttle handle, it can be further decreased. The idle / reverse transition can be calibrated via FSUIPC. The reverser action can be seen here.

Friction is always tricky to get right. I have used steel friction washers and locking nut to get the right feel. 

Reverser detail picture and gear of trim wheel.

The Throttle, Prop, Mixture and Speedbrake potmeters as well as the Elevator Trim rotary encoder are interfaced to MJOY-16 unit.

Modifications planned: Make the trim wheel electric: up / down with a motor controlled by yoke switches.

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