Modular Simpit
Instrument Panel Module
After building motion platform III, it occupied most of the attic space. The construction was such that it was not possible to take apart easily.

Motion platform IV was designed to be more compact, with quick (dis)assembly and easy storage.

Therefore I also decided to design a new Modular Simpit, which would consist of several modules, easily assembled into a fully functional cockpit.  It is still based on a generic cockpit, being able to fly all types of aircraft.

New additions compared to old cockpit:

Flight yoke instead of flight stick
Enhanced scenery visuals, using 3x 17" LCD with 3 separate fresnel lenses.
Enhanced Instrument Panel with 2x 15" LCD
Separate throttle quadrant with throttle, prop, mixture, speed brakes and trim wheel
Modified Rudder Pedals

Some drawings of various components:

The Google Sketchup file of the above setup can be downloaded here.

Below shows the assembly of the various modules: 

all loose modules

floorboard & pedals                  Adding side boards                 Adding the yoke drawer

Adding the instrument panel and throttle quadrant                   Adding the yoke

Adding the chair, and visuals LCD assembly             Adding the triple fresnel lens assembly

Assembly can be done in about 30 minutes.

(Items still need to be painted, and cockpit artwork needs to be added)

Tested with new PC, and mounted on Motion Platform IV

Some future modifications: I found the panel display is too low. I may swap the A/P and radio rotary encoders to the bottom and move the two 15" LCD's upward.

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