Instrument Panel Module
The instrument panel contains the two 15" LCD monitors that display the instruments. It also contains the switches and rotaries that control various airplane functions.

In the updated panel module, I have placed most controls at bottom side. This is a more convenient location than at the top, because when you move your hand to control a switch at the bottom, you don't block the LCD screen view.

At the left side are the rotaries and switches for radio adjustment, and main engine and sim controls.
At the right side are the auto pilot controls and Flaps and Gear. This is more convenient, as you normally also use your right hand for throttle, and you hold the yoke with your left hand. 

I made new cockpit artwork, with same printing on white A4 sticker paper.
This time I used the same freeware drawing program RIMU schematic for drawing the artwork, then copy into Word, scale the drawings and print. The RIMU file can be found here and the Word file can be found here.