Throttle and mixture (Cessna style)

Throttle, Prop-pitch and Mixture controls

The lever throw distances are close to actual Cessna Cardinal. I used rotation type potmeters, but things could probably be simpler when using slide potmeters.

The throttle potmeter uses about 270o rotation, but prop and mixture use about 200o rotation. However, after calibration, the joystick calibration software will correct for this, and all levers will have full control range in the flight simulator cockpit controls.


I found the method with wires too easily damaged. A more sturdy construction is shown below:

The above construction makes use of a junked CD ROM door drive. To keep the gearwheel in the teeth on the plastic strip, two bolds that slide through the bottom slot keep the rod from turning. They also make the end stops.

Picture of prop pitch and mixture adjust using above system



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