Separate Throttle and Trim unit
For the Simpit construction, the flight stick is normally flown with your right hand. Therefore throttle and other engine controls had to be placed at the left hand side. I have build a new throttle unit that includes the trim wheel as well.

The bar type throttle feels better. There are some switches added that can be assigned to various functions. The switch on the wooden handle is assigned to reverse thrust.
The elevator trim wheel also sits at a convenient location, and can be easily adjusted. Diameter could have been increased for best feel.

Here the view of the inside: One of the metal bars of the throttle handle is connected to a gear wheel that rotates the throttle potmeter. The other bar moves in the same way with the wooden handle. It could be used in a future upgrade when dual throttle is needed.
The elevator trim electronic interfacing is described in Trim wheels

For the throttle and trim wheel unit, I have also added a mini transducer to have some engine vibration when touching the throttle or trim.



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