Building R/C models from foam is a bit different from balsa construction.
Wings are made by cutting through the foam by means of a hot wire. Fuselage is often a combination of foam and wood or carbon spruces

1982: Foam model of F16. Powered by 1.5cc engine.

Looks nice in the air.                   Hard landing: foam has it's weaknesses.

1984: Big foam delta cut from Roofmate (blue foam) 3.5cc, very fast. Learned the hard way that delta's can behave tricky in sharp turns.

2004: 1.4m twin -boom electro-glider build from carbon tube/rods and Depron. One-piece model. Plans are available here.
I used a special construction: The wing main carbon spar is used for transferring the aileron movement.

Powered by small brushless motor and 9.6V/500mAh Li-Ion cells. Fuselage from triplex and carbon rods.
Fuselage covering: 2 PET soda bottles, heated to make them shrink around a mould.  

0.5mm steel wire goes via one of the booms to elevator control. The whole models weighs around 400grams!

Easy launching and great soaring.

2006: Motorized version of foam delta Pibros. Basic plans available here.

2008: Improved (bigger) motorized Pibros model. Motor: Align RCM400L, 11.2V Li-Ion 1200mAh.
The engine is placed toward the middle for better CG without adding lead weight.
1m wingspan, total weight: 500 grams. Great flying, can climb vertically.


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