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Tinkering with mechanical and electrical stuff is in my blood. As you can see from below picture, it started early in my youth.

Motorized 'step' 1977

At a certain moment, Solex engines were popular and easy to get. So I build a  motorized 'step' using a Solex 50cc engine that drives the wheel directly. After I had build one, it became quite popular in my neighborhood to build something similar. We burned lots of rubber.

Radio control models is another hobby of mine. I started with RC gliders (easier to learn to fly) and gradually went on to motorized airplanes.
I build my own RC radio transmitter and receiver, an interesting project, but it was also one of the reasons that I crashed many planes. I would not advice to do this, as present radio control kits are cheap and powerful, especially the programmable ones.

I mostly  build models from plans, or modified versions of plans. In the early days balsa wood was the only material suitable for building lightweight RC planes, but at present, foam (Depron or Fanfold) is a great alternative material, in combination with carbon rods and tubes. Transparent tape, glass fiber tape and special foam superglue and fillers make strong lightweight  construction simple and quick.

With the development of Lithium-Ion cells and brushless motors, electric flying has become a good alternative for the glow-plug fuel engine. Most of my foam models use electric drive, and you can make surprisingly lightweight electric model airplanes that still can do powerful aerobatics.    

The links on the left show several pages that describe the models that I have build (and crashed)


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