Motorized (Fuel)

Flying motorized R/C models requires basic flying skills. I'd recommend starting with a glider.

1982: My first motorized model, started out as a aerobatics glider, but flew great with 3.5cc engine.

1983: Taylorcraft , my first scale model attempt. 3 channels, 1.5cc engine (with dummy cylinder at other side)

Runway from old boards. Difficult to fly; crashed pretty bad.

Used the wings to make a sturdy trainer type of model. Flew great, greatly improved my flying skills with this model.
Elevator, aileron and engine control.

1984  "THE HOTS" a fantastic aerobatics model. Basic plans available here. You can scale this model to any size you want.
First flight crashed due to lose battery connection.

Rebuild in 2 days, had lots of fun flying this model.

Even added foam floats to this model.  Powered by 3.5cc engine, on a nearby lake during calm weather.

Pretty cool to make water starts and landings.

1985: Build a bigger version of THE HOTS for 10cc engine. Loads of power!

With a light weight model and 10cc engine you can do neat things: Towing !  Wishing our neighbors "Happy New Year" 

1986:  Who said you cannot fly R/C during military service?

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