Boats and cars
Cars and boats are fun, and can help you to practice the driving toward you steering techniques

Fuel engines normally need some extra cooling when used in cars and boats. In cars they also need a dust filter on the air inlet.

1982: Racing on Schiphol parking lot.  Stock-car racing with 3.5cc

1980: My own design power boat: Solid balsa sides and a bent board in between. 3.5cc water-cooled engine

Used to start with a rope, but electric starter is much easier. Goes very fast, due to big bottom surface.

1982: All-balsa model with deep V bottom. Powered by Mabushi-500 and 12V/3Ah batteries. 

1983: Propeller powered snow and ice vehicle. 1.5cc, clocked 52km/h on the ice.


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