Modified axis HAT
To pan outside view, most joysticks have a HAT switch, that lets you pan left/right and up/down via push-button action. This works, but it is not possible to accurately control the panning, and for quickly resetting the view, you need a separate button. Flight simulator also lets you assign an analog axis to pan view. Since I had some mini joysticks lying around (from junked gamepads), so I have used such a device to replace my HAT switches on my flightstick. The ministick is from Alps, type number RKJXK122000D

Mini 2-axis joystick                    Modified HAT position           mounted on HAT position

Added 2 shielded cables       Connected to 2 axis                 Finalized HAT modification

The two extra axis go to my MJOY-16 board. They are connected as X and Y axis. In FS2004, I assign the pan-view L/R to the X-axis, and the pan-view U/D to the Y axis. In the sensitivities menu, I set the null-zone such that there is no jitter in the scenery view, and the sensitivity for comfortable panning.

The result can be seen on this video . The new HAT pans much faster and view position can be done more accurate. The self-centering action is really nice, no more need for a "reset view" button. Note that I should mount the mini joystick a bit deeper into the main stick handle for better feel, but the current construction is such that I can revert back to the original switch-HAT if needed.