Adding a fresnel lens
Dual Monitor
Using a projector
Parhelia Solution
Parhelia with fresnel lens
Multi Projector setup
3 LCD's with 3 Fresnel lenses
Multi Monitor with TH2Go

The Visual system is one of the most important parts of your flightsim setup when it comes to the feeling of "being there". Like most flightsimmers, I have flown a long time with just a single monitor. Finally I read about the possibility of multiple monitors which started my experiments on the expansion possibilities:

bulletAdding a fresnel lens in front of your monitor (bigger screen and more depth)
bulletUsing a projector instead of a monitor
bulletThree scenery view with the Parhelia solution
bulletMulti projector setup
bullet3 LCD's with 3 Fresnel lenses
bulletMulti Monitor with TH2Go

Each page describes experiments and findings.   


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