Using a projector
With the split view for scenery and cockpit dials, a bigger and farther away scenery view enhances the feeling of flight considerably. Using a projector for scenery is relatively simple. 

I have done experiments with both SVGA and XGA native resolution LCD type projectors. As a screen I used non-transparent white curtain sheet.

Due to confined space at the attic, the screen size was limited to 2m wide x 1.4m high. Viewpoint was 2.5m from screen. At this distance, I found the pixel size of SVGA projector is still acceptable, although XGA is preferred. The projector was mounted behind me in the rooftop area, far enough not to be disturbed by the fan noise. Note that most projectors throw a beam in an upward angle when sitting flat. In a ceiling mounted setup like above, the projector must be mounted upside down. In this way no keystone adjustment is needed. Most projectors will have an option to get the screen reversed when mounted upside down. 
Simpit and beam are positioned such that they just don't touch.  Screen size was fine-tuned with the projector zoom function. The older projectors (like mine) need a rather long throw distance for a certain screen size. Newer projectors have shorter throw distance. This can be good when space is limited, but it could mean that the projector must be mounted just above your head for example on a mount behind your chair). Fan noise in this case can be annoying.  

The feeling of flight is enhanced considerable when using a projector. With a projector setup like mine, there are however some disadvantages:

bulletThe room needs to be dimmed for reasonable light  from the screen. Contrast is not as high as a monitor. This could be improved by using better screen, and a DLP based high lumens projector. 
bulletWhile looking at the screen, you also clearly see part of the (static) room. This is difficult to obscure. It reduces the feeling of flight.
bulletThe enlarged screen will amplify screen issues like stutters, stair casing, etc. The projector scaling electronics can also have distortion effect, especially when adjusting for keystone issues.

My overall impression of projector result was not as good as anticipated.     



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