What Tools do you need?
Home For the wiring and electronics:
bullet40W soldering iron and solder
bulletSolder sucker or solder wick
bulletSimple digital multi-meter. (they are getting really cheap, US$10,- or so, and are absolute must for checking wire connections, voltage, polarity, potmeters, easy to use)
bullet0.3mm enamelled wire (the wire that is used on transformers etc. for making connections on experiment board). Normal isolated wire will also do, but stripping the isolation on short pieces is difficult.
bullettweezers, pliers, cutter
bulletIsolation tape
bulletFor the more elaborate projects, (force feedback, motion platform) an oscilloscope is required

For the mechanics:

(not everything is needed, depending on your skill and what you want to build).

bulletMetal hand saw
bulletFigure saw (wood and metal)
bulletElectric fret saw
bullet(Table saw is handy for getting very smooth edges and 90o cuts)
bulletRound and flat file
bullet(A grinding machine is handy for shaping metal parts)
bulletSmall high-speed electric drill for drilling/grinding small parts
bulletElectric drill and various bits + grinding bits
bulletBench vise for holding the stuff and clamping connectors
bullet100W type soldering iron for large metal parts soldering (if you don’t have a torch )
bullet(Gas torch if you want to do good hard-soldering)


Some electrical and mechanical tools. (you can do with less).

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