Potmeter wiring

Potmeter wiring issues

Use your Flightsim program for verification of the various potmeter controlled cockpit functions.

If you find that one of the control functions works reversed, the potmeter wiring needs to be changed: leave the middle wire unchanged, but the outer wire needs to be swapped to the other outer connection

Reversing control direction


Joystick potmeters are different from normal potmeters: Due to the limited movement of the joystick, the potmeters only have variable resistance specifically for that movement. The rest of the slider range will not give resistance any change

When using normal potmeters, try to build the mechanics such that about 270o is used.

Different kind of potmeters.

Dual potmeter, 1W potmeter, standard potmeter and shift potmeter. As long as you choose 100k with linear taper ("B"-type), all work equally well. The closed type potmeters will be better for rudder pedal, as they stay cleaner over time. Shift potmeters are sometimes easier to link to mechanical constructions. Shafts with teeth are easier to fix gear wheels, etc.

I used dual type potmeters, one section for the flight controls, and one section reserved for connection to a simple motion platform (a future project)

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