Overview of wiring diagram

Toggle to momentary relay boards

cockpit light switches


Auto pilot switches and LED indicator

Various lever controlled switches

Toggle to momentary relay boards for lights Autopilot and levers. Auto pilot switches with LED indication


Other wiring connection details

Wiring connections of the switches mounted on the yoke.(basically nothing more than extension wires)


Wiring of the two game function keypads


Wiring of the Flaps and toe brake switches


Audio / Transducer and system power supply wiring

Keep in mind that the power supply current capability is mainly necessary to drive the transducers. If the transducer amp is not used, a small 12V / 0.5A supply is sufficient.

The audio splitter can be made from two 3.5mm headphone jacks. Audio splitters may also be available commercially

Keyboard select switch.

By means of a simple 4-pole switch, you can switch between the keyboard in the cockpit controls case and the keyboard for normal (other family members) use. A keyboard cable contains 4 leads. Make sure that you wire the correct leads of each keyboard to the switch terminals.

Note: It's also possible to have a USB keyboard for normal use.