Mechanical Components IV
Below are the drawings and pictures of the actuator components. Most items I had them custom made in Taiwan. Prices are what I paid for them there. Shipping was via sea-freight, total cost around  110.-

100 teeth module 1.5 main gear wheel, 1 per actuator.   Unit price: 28.-

25 teeth module 1.5 small drive gear wheel, 1 per actuator   Unit price: 5.40

15 teeth module 1.5 position pick-up gear wheel, 1 per actuator   Unit price: 4.70

15cm diameter main pulley, 1 per actuator   Unit price: 8.20

 5cm diameter pulley on motor, one per actuator
Unit price: 5.80

10mm Rod-end connected to crank, 5 per actuator   Unit price: 2.20

Assembly with M10 threaded rod (2 per actuator)

Sprocket wheel (modified to crank), 2 per actuator. Unit price: 7.60

Crank lever, to be mounted on modified sprocket wheel

17mm ID, 35mm OD bearing for shafts and levers, 12 per actuator   Unit price: 0.50
10mm ID, 26mm OD bearing for bungee shafts, 2 per actuator

  Shaft collars : Unit price: 1.20

35mm inner diameter will hold the bearings. to be welded on levers, 12 per actuator ; 

Modified 35mm id clamps for different mounting places

17mm inner diameter to fix shafts, 8 per actuator.

17mm shaft , 1 per actuator
Unit price: 2.-

 17mm shaft with 2 key-ways , 1 per actuator
Unit price: 3.20

 17mm shaft with 3 key-ways, 1 per actuator
Unit price: 3.20

DC Motor, AMETEK E56617, 50V/1300rpm, 0.375Nm/A, 1 per actuator
Unit price: 34.- (2nd hand)

13x38x294mm metal bar with 2 holes, 2 per actuator
Unit price: 5.20

13x38x294mm metal bar with one hole, 2 per actuator
detail of bar end
Unit price: 4.10

13x38x400mm metal bar, 1 per actuator
Unit price: 3.90

13x38mm metal bars

gear shaft adjustment plate (2 pieces per actuator)

18mm high quality multiplex, for box, bottom plate and wooden drum:
front board dimensions

rear board dimensions

side board dimensions

floor board of one actuator

Wooden drum to be mounted to big gear on output shaft (made from 5 sections multiplex)

bungee fastening nail

wooden drum with nails: max height should be less than 80mm

Motor carriage, motor is fastened with 150mm diameter hose clamps

Gear assembly fixed to metal bar

Main shaft assembly

Drive shaft assembly

Actuator assembly

Other materials:

10mm metal rod 240mm long, 2 per actuator. Unit price 0.30

M8 threaded rod
M10 threaded rod

8mm bungee cord, 13m length per actuator. Price 1.15 per meter

A-type V-belt 30" outer diameter
Unit price: 2.60

---- and more details to come

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