Information sources
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Very complete flightsim Information:$=main/m-howto.htm


Home-build motion platform projects with very good info:

CW's Flight Simulator  Motion Software! (one of the very first; clearly ahead of it's time)


(Motion) Cockpit builder forums:

Cockpit Parts and Motion Platforms



FS2004 Soaring:


Fresnel lens info and suppliers:


About this website:

My host provider:  Cheap and reliable.

I use MS Frontpage for this website building. No HTML know-how needed, no more difficult than writing a document in Word. Agreed, it's not a fancy site, but the info gets across, that's my only goal.

Most webhosting don't support Frontpage extensions anymore, so for uploading I use freeware, smart updating, works without a glitch. 


One book I can highly recommend for anyone who wants to do electronics (basic to advanced):

bulletThe Art of Electronics 2nd edition (Horrowitz and Hill) ISBN 0-521-37095-7