Industrial Scrap Inventory
Home Below is an overview of industrial scrap that I have gathered over the years. I live in an area where high tech equipment is developed, so the scrap yards reflect this.
Someone said: "The wealth of a society is measured by the value of its scrap". Very true indeed!

Small 12mm spindle, 50cm travel, 3mm/turn  with stepper motor (2)


Actuator with 10mm spindle, 30cm travel, 10mm/turn, stepper motor, linear guide and linear encoder (3)


25mm spindle, 70cm long, 5mm/turn with double bearing nut (2)


25mm spindle, 60cm, travel 20mm per turn (1)


15mm spindle, travel 30mm per turn (2): still looking for 3 more of these!


Small pick& place head actuators with encoders. (2)


AC circuit breakers and safety switch (many)


Various relays (several)


Older pinion-rack actuator with DC motor + encoder (4)

Lifting assembly with spindles and stepper motor (1)


Linear Motor actuator with linear encoder (2)


Dual linear motor actuator with linear encoder. (2) (working on this to make it move)


High resolution linear quadrature encoder with endoder strip (6)


Linear Guide rails (several)


Linear actuator (2)


Large Linear Motors with magnetic tracks (6)


Ethercat IO expander Kontron (1)


3-phase EMC filter (2) and cable guides (8)


Brushless Motor & driver (Hall censor trapezium drive type) (6)


Advantech ehthernet switch (3)


ACS IO Monitor (1)

ACS IO Monitor (1)


3-phase Circuit breaker


ACS 4 channel linear motor driver (2 &4kW) (1)


ACS 8-channel stepper Motor driver incl 40V/8A PSU (3)


DC motor 50V/250W 1800 RPM and various smaller DC motors and steppers.


Rack 12V/5A and 24V/1A PSU


48V / 15A PSU


3-phase OVP/UPV protection & safety switch


3phase transformer (50kg) (1) and EMI filter