Improved version
The force you exert on the pedals can be quite large. I found that the original rudder pedals were easily wearing out, due to the wooden slide structure. In the improved version, I still used the pedals with brake hinge, but replaced the slide mechanism with rotating steel bars. This gives a much more sturdy construction.

The metal bars slide over a smooth greased surface. Two screws at the top left make the end stops. The centering force is made via double bungee cord at each side, which is fastened near both sides of the flight stick (top right picture).

The rotation of the metal bars is transferred via gears to the rudder potmeter (originally the twist handle potmeter of the Logitek Wingman 3D FF joystick)

Update: gearing to potmeter, with the gear now fixed on the bolt of the front bar. Less give, no problem with potmeter skipping some gear teeth.

The pedals brake spring force has been increased by adding small pneumatic cylinders. (Stripped from LCD monitor stands) 
Also the mini transducers are still used on each pedal. The brake function uses micro switches, which are connected to two of the Logitech joystick switches.

Update: Tried to simplify the hinge of the pedals. But the method as shown above with the hinge at the bottom of the pedal will result in unwanted pushing the brake while steering with your feet. This is because your feet will apply force at a point just above your heel. So the hinge point needs to be there as well in order to be able to apply rudder force without rotating the pedal. See below.

Also added a spring to the pneumatic cylinder for increasing the braking force.
Keep in mind that your feet are strong; you need significant force for a good feel.

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