FSWeekend 2008
Below are some pictures, presentation and video's from FSweekend 2008 in Lelystad.
For this year's event, I had brought my motion cockpit to the show. Quite an undertaking, dismantling the rig, getting it off the attic, into the garage and from there loaded into a van I had rented, and driven to Lelystad, about 150km from my home in Eindhoven.

In the Aviodrome expo hall, I rebuild the rig, which totally took about 5 hours.

During Saturday and Sunday I gave some presentations about the system, and people from the public could take rides.

Many people were very interested in the (low cost) system, and those (about 50) that took a ride were all very positive about the overall realism and feel of the simulator. It was great to see the people's reaction during takeoff, turbulence and touchdown.

On Saturday evening, we also had a nice dinner with a lot of fellow cockpit builders from Mycockpit.org. Thanks Efe!

Sunday evening, the rig was taken apart again, loaded into the van transported back to Eindhoven.
It really were a couple of very busy days, but quite rewarding. Special thanks to my wife for her help, support (and patience) during this event.

The video compilation  gives an impression of the simprojects stand during the event.
For clearer text, choose "watch in high quality"

The slides of the presentations I gave during the event are shown below.