Flightsim setup


A basic drawing of a possible setup configuration. I found the drawer-style console mounting very handy, as it allows you to shift it out partly and make small modifications and tests without having to disconnect everything. The drawer action has to have some friction, to avoid console movement when pulling the yoke.

The mouse is sometimes necessary for navigating the inflight map, or enabling some cockpit switches/controls that have no keyboard support, and could not be build into the console (Cowl flaps / VOR adjust, etc). Flying the sim does not require a separate keyboard, so the space in front of the monitor can be used for sectionals, notes etc. It is however recommended to have a second keyboard somewhere that can be activated via a switch (see cockpit wiring overview). This keyboard may be necessary to make the required modifications to your joykeys.cfg and flt3.cfg files, then switch back to the console keyboard and check the functions.