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Rig type 0 setting
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Rig type 0 with additional features
As mentioned in Interfacing III , I have made use of Ian's Motion Drive Software.  This is another great  utility, that sends the following data over the serial COM port:

For the initial tests, I have only used the XX, YY and ZZ data.
The RR ground speed data can be used for additional effects, like wind in your face (electric fan controlled by airspeed data)
The SS engine RPM can be used for vibration transducer controlled by RPM data.
The JJ bits can be used to add your own motion cues during the various in-flight events.

You can download my current BFF config files below:

Version 1.x:
GA_indep_1.BFF is my config file for Rig type 0 small GA planes
GA_3point_1.BFF is my config file for Rig type 1 small GA planes
737_indep_1.BFF is my config file for Rig type 0 bigger commercial planes 

I still use a second PC to receive and extract the data via a GWbasic program, that drives the parallel port DAC's.

The DIY motion platform III is moved by three actuators, one front and two rear.

In my drive system, there is inversion in the signal chain.
sending 00 will set the actuator in the top position
sending FF will set the actuator in the bottom position

DAC1 corresponds to MOTOR A   on the electrical drive PCB.
DAC2 corresponds to MOTOR B   on the electrical drive PCB.
DAC3 corresponds to MOTOR C   on the electrical drive PCB.
MOTOR A is the front actuator
MOTOR B is the right -rear actuator
MOTOR C is the left -rear actuator

Pitch-up is therefore accomplished by moving the front actuator up, and the two rear actuators simultaneously down.
Roll right is done by moving right-rear actuator down, and left-rear actuator up.
Heave up is done by moving all three actuators up simultaneously.

Test programs to check the basic performance are described in Platform Testing Software

The basic software for extracting the motion parameters and driving the parallel port DAC's is described in two pages:
With Ian's software you can choose to output independent pitch (XX), roll (YY) and heave (ZZ) data, or send front actuator (XX), right-rear actuator (YY) and left rear actuator data (ZZ). This option needs to be manually set in the BFF config file:

 is for uncoupled DOF's platforms  see Rig Type 0 page
is for coupled (3-point) DOF's platforms like mine, see Rig Type 1  page

Rig type 0 with additional features page shows a GWbasic program with added features like runway bumps, engine start-up shudder, improved touch-down and DAC4 speed and engine RPM mix output.


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