2009 updates
bulletDecember 6, 2009: Started DIY Motion Platform IV pages and added FSUIPC Compound Button programming help.
bulletNovember 21, 2009: Added some more Fresnel lens info on Visuals pages 
bulletOctober 31, 2009: Finished scale model of triple Sarrus 3doF platform in New Ideas page.
bulletSeptember 12, 2009: Added R/C and other stuff pages
bulletSeptember 2, 2009: Alternative 3doF motion platform in New Ideas page.
bulletAugust 8, 2009: Added new actuator and platform design in New Ideas page.
bulletJuly 12 2009: Added Improved position pick-up page
bulletJan 2 2009: Added Modified axis HAT page
bulletFeb 20 2009: Added Presentation FSCB page