2006 updates
bulletApril 19 2006: Website online
bulletApril 22 2006: Added video's of motion platform
bulletApril 29 2006: Added drawing and pictures in motion platform New Ideas
bulletMay 12 2006: Added new parallel port experiments in New ideas and added Contact page
bulletMay 20 2006: Updated parallel port experiments and moved this item to interfacing page
bulletMay 22 2006: Added heave possibility to DIY Motion platform
bulletMay 28 2006: Updated Interfacing page, added Parallel Port DAC page and Motion Software page
bulletJune 2 2006: Updated New Ideas page with new folded cable-pulley hanging platform
bulletJune 4 2006: Added new DIY Motion Platform II page
bulletJune 6 2006: Added Sway possibility to New Ideas page
bulletJun 18 2006: Updated DIY Motion Platform II page
bulletJun 21 2006: Added Platform Drive Calculations page
bulletAug 3 2006:  Updated DIY Motion Platform II page and Parhelia with Fresnel page
bulletAug 9 2006: Added Motion_test_video
bulletSept 13 2006: Updated DIY Motion Platform II and Mechanical Components page with belt-drive
bulletOct 5 2006: Updated Electrical drive and DIY motion platform II with new video
bulletOct 7 2006: Updated Motion Software page
bulletDec 3 2006: Updated DIY motion platform II with added outside cover on the platform.
bulletDec 12 2006: Updated Improved rudder pedals version page
bulletDec 28 2006: Started the big update on Motion Software with various subchapters




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