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In this website you can read about the various flight simulator enhancement experiments I have undertaken over the years. For a quick start, you can click the pictures below, or read the various chapters listed on the left side one by one.  Enjoy!

After a long wait, we are all looking forward to this years FSWeekend!
Of course I will be present again with my motion cockpit, with some new tweaks and challenges. This introduction video shows what you can expect this year.  Hope to see you there!
For more information, you can also visit the FSWeekend website.

Last Updates:

bulletMarch 2024: Added FSWeekend 2024 introduction video
bulletJanuary 2022: Added a Digital Dividing Head section to the Building a Lathe and Mill page.
bulletDecember 2020: Added the Building a Lathe and Mill page.
bulletNovember 2019: FSweekend 2019 video can be seen here. Another great event! I had installed a Carrier landing and take-off addon, please see this video.
bulletOctober 2019: For building a new actuator, I needed a lathe. So I build my own DIY Lathe!
bulletSeptember 2019: FSweekend 2018 was again a great event, many old friends and newcomers: see the video
bulletSeptember 2018: FSweekend 2018 is coming again! Some new tweaks to the rigs will be shown.
bulletOctober 2017: FSweekend 2017 is approaching! A new machine and FSX for demo!
bulletOctober 2015: Added a video presentation of the Motion Cockpit
bulletJanuary 2015: Updated DIY Motion Platform V page
bulletOctober 13, 2013: Updated BFF Shaker System page.
bulletSeptember 1, 2013: Made a video of the linear actuator design.
bulletJun 22: Added BFF Shaker System page with new vibration tutorial video
bulletJun 1, 2013: Added new DIY Motion Platform V page and Mechanical Components V page
bulletFeb 17, 2013: Added new 6DoF idea on New Ideas page.
bulletFeb 10, 2013: Updated Electrical Drive IV page
bulletDec 16, 2012: Added Electrical Drive IV page
bulletNov 8, 2012: Added FSWeekend 2012 page with video and pictures
bulletOct 30, 2012: added video of Force Feedback Yoke II
bulletOct 14, 2012: Updated DIY Motion Platform IV page with FSweekend 2012 info
bulletOct 14, 2012: Added Cockpit Lighting page
bulletSep 23, 2012: Added Force Feedback Yoke II page.
bulletSep 22, 2012: Added MS Sidewinder Forcefeedback2 hack page
bulletNov 14, 2011: updated FSWeekend 2011 page
bulletNov 9, 2011: Added FSWeekend 2011 video
bulletNov 9, 2011: Added Instrument Panel Module page, updated Flight Yoke II
bulletAug 17, 2011: Got side tracked with some R/C project: Guppy Foam Glider.
bulletFeb 15, 2011: Added Electric Elevator Trim page.
bulletJan 16, 2011: Added new pages: Multi-Monitor with TH2Go, Alternative Transducer Constructions Updated pages: Software Enhancements, Motion Platform, New Ideas , 3LCD's with 3 Fresnel Lenses
bulletDec 26, 2010: New tutorial video on 3 LCD's and 3 Fresnel lenses and instrument panel display
bulletNov 21, 2010: Added Rudder Pedals IV page
bulletNov 15, 2010: Added 3 LCD's and 3 Fresnel lenses page  in visuals section, and updated Modular Simpit.
bulletNov 14, 2010: Added new pages Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant
bulletNov 2, 2010: Added generation IV motion cockpit video

Building a lathe and mill


Motion Platform


Flight stick

Tactile Transducers

Software enhancements and screen shots


Real simulator